1632396 025 - Clothing IR accepted

Classification Information

  • 14 Jewelry articles; jewelry items and accessories therefor; amulets; rings; decorative articles [charms or jewelry items] for personal use; jewelry articles for footwear; articles of jewelry for headwear; semi-precious costume jewelry articles; bracelets; bracelets made of rubber or silicone with a pattern or message; bracelets made of embroidered cloth [jewelry]; chains (jewelry); pendants; trinkets for bracelets; pendants for necklaces; necklaces; badges of precious metal; necktie clips; twin bracelets; jewelry items, including costume jewelry and costume jewelry made of plastic; medals; commemorative medals; earrings; jewelry ornaments; jewelry parts and accessories; brooches; tie pins; brooches for ornamental purposes; decorative brooches [jewelry articles]; brooches [jewelry]; watches and accessories therefor; bands for watches; watch bands of metal, leather or plastic; chronographs; chronometers; watches; clocks with a telecommunication function; watches incorporating an electronic game function; fireplace clocks; watches [wristwatches and pocket watches]; table clocks; watches and their parts; horological products; sports timekeeping systems; alarm clocks; electric alarm clocks; electronic alarm clocks; pendulum clocks; party decorations [statuettes] of precious metals, other than tree decorations; ornaments, made of or coated with precious or semi-precious metals or stones, or imitations thereof; statues and figurines, made of or coated with precious or semi-precious metals or stones, or imitations thereof; models [ornaments] made of precious metals; ornamental sculptures of precious metals; statues of precious metals and their alloys; desktop figurines of precious metals; figurines of semi-precious metals; adhesive wall decorations of precious metal; decorative hatpins; commemorative plaques of precious metals; (decorative) figurines featuring fantasy characters of precious metals; jewelry holders and watch holders; jewels for coffins; cases for watches; jewelry boxes; coins; collectible coins; works of art of precious metal; decorative key rings of precious metal; key rings of precious metal; key charms (charms or key rings); charms for key rings; key rings; key rings (trinkets or fobs); non-metal key holders; precious metals and alloys thereof; jewelry, costume jewelry, precious and semi-precious stones; timepieces and chronometric instruments; all the aforesaid goods are of European origin.
  • 16 Framed or unframed paintings (pictures); drawings; lithographs; engravings and their reproductions; lithographic works of art; paintings [pictures], framed or unframed; ornamental sculptures made of papier mâché; art prints; figurines made of paper; figurines made of cardboard; graphic prints and statuettes of paper and cardboard, and architects' models; printed transfers for embroidery and fabric applications; pencils; artists' materials; pastels; writing or drawing books; canvas prints; drawing instruments; photograph mounts; gift wrap of paper; containers of paper; boxes of cardboard; covers [stationery]; bags [envelopes, small bags, handbags] for packaging of paper or plastic; cardboard display stands; boxes made of cardboard or paper; gift boxes made of paper; pocket diaries; agendas and agendas; sketch books; gift-wrapping paper; stationery; office requisites; cases for use as stationery articles; adhesive tapes for stationery, stickers (stationery); greeting cards; gift cards; drawing pads; notepads; wall calendars; table calendars; writing paper; document folders [stationery]; binders and binders; clips for pens; diary covers; carrying cases of paper or cardboard fitted to contain collection figurines; adhesive labels; paperweights; commemorative stamps [stamps]; school supplies; badge holders [office requisites]; document case; desk top planners; photo files and binders for collectors (photo albums); bookmarkers; nail stencils; letter openers [office requisites]; desk mats; pencil sharpeners; animated cartoons; postmark stamps; marking pens; color pencils; pens; pen and pencil holders; writing instruments; rubber erasers; souvenir albums [photograph albums]; album; car stickers; car stickers; decorative stickers for helmets; stickers; coloring books; almanacs; printed stationery; gift cards; sketches; calendars; game cards with questions and answers; collectible cards; non-magnetically encoded prepaid purchase cards; postcards and picture postcards; catalogs; transfers (decalcomanias); three-dimensional transfers (decalcomanias) for all surfaces; adhesive stickers for collecting; holders for checkbooks; posters of paper; graphic art reproductions; table linen of paper; towels of paper; festoons of paper; pennants (flags) of paper; tablecloths of paper; towels of paper; cases for stationery [office requisites]; paper and cardboard; printed matter; bookbinding material; stationery and office requisites, excluding furniture; adhesives (glues) for stationery or household use; drawing material and material for artists; brushes; instructional or teaching material; plastic sheets, films and bags for packaging; fonts; all the aforesaid goods are of European origin; pamphlets; comic strips; newspaper comic strips [printed]; comic books; advertising signs of paper or cardboard; books; game booklets; instruction books concerning video game strategies; advertising posters; framed posters; instruction manuals for computer games; printed promotional material; pamphlets; periodicals [magazines]; mounted and/or unmounted photographs; promotional publications; comic stories; game and gambling magazines; leaflets; picture books; novels; photographs; printing blocks.
  • 18 Suitcases, bags, wallets and portable boxes of leather; toiletry bags; cases of leather for keys; key cases [leather goods]; cosmetic cases sold empty; non-accessorized beauty cases; trunks and suitcases; bags; shoulder bags; shopping bags; general purpose bags; sports bags; handbags; gentlemen's handbags; handbags; briefcase-type portfolios; school satchels; business card holders in the nature of wallets; garment bags for travel; document cases; luggage tags of leather; waist bags; business card holders; carrying cases [articles of leather]; wallets; purses not of precious metal; handbags of precious metal; randsels [Japanese school satchels]; bags; trolleys [wheeled suitcases]; make-up bags; attaché cases; backpacks; rucksacks on casters; school backpacks; backpacks; single-shoulder backpacks; sports backpacks; boxes of leather or leatherboard; leather and imitations thereof; animal skins; luggage and transport bags; umbrellas and parasols; walking sticks; whips, harness and saddlery; collars, leashes and clothing for animals; purses; all the aforesaid goods are of European origin.
  • 25 Clothing for men, women and children; ceremonial clothing; leisurewear; casual wear; clothing of leather; clothing of imitation leather; waterproof clothing; weather-resistant outer clothing; sports outfits; clothing for gymnastics; beach outfits; underwear; work clothes; ready-made clothing; clothing; jackets; suit jackets; wind-resistant jackets; bomber jackets; overcoats; pelerines; coats; skirts; trousers; capri pants; shorts; overalls; leggings; tights; shorts; jeans; clothing made of denim; clothing made of denim; knitted textile articles; knitwear; shirt items; shirts; blouses; Top; turtlenecks; intimate shirts; sports shirts; tee-shirt; polo shirt; sweaters; fleece pullovers; vest; bib overalls (clothing); tracksuits for sports; sports clothing; beach clothes; tank tops; Bermuda shorts; suits; bathing suits; two-piece swimwear; sarong; dressing gowns; bathrobes; nightwear; pajamas; underwear; lingerie; petticoats; boxer shorts [underwear]; brassieres; underwear [underclothing]; panties; underpants; socks; socks; tights; theatrical costumes; masquerade costumes; carnival clothing; Halloween costumes; baby layettes (clothing); aprons; neckties; ascot ties; bow ties; neckwear; long scarves; scarves (articles of apparel); pocket handkerchiefs [clothing]; bandanas; eye masks; sleep masks; belts (clothing); leather belts (clothing); belts of textile materials (clothing); wallet belts (clothing); gloves, including those made of leather, leather or fur; hats; caps; peaked caps being headpieces; hoods; footwear; boots; elegant shoes; tennis shoes; sneakers; sports footwear; casual footwear; beach shoes; flip-flops; sandals; bedroom slippers; Clothing, footwear, headwear; all the aforesaid goods are of European origin.
  • 35 Retail sale and wholesale of jewels, jewelry accessories, amulets, rings, decorative articles [charms or jewels] for personal use, jewels for footwear, jewels for headwear, semi-precious jewelry, bracelets, bracelets made of rubber or silicone with a pattern or message, bracelets made of embroidered fabric [jewelry], chains [jewelry], charms, charms for bracelets, charms for necklaces, necklaces, badges of precious metals, tie clips, cuff links, jewels, including paste jewelry and plastic paste jewelry, medals, commemorative medals, earrings, jewelry ornaments, parts and accessories of jewelry, brooches, tie pins, ornamental pins, decorative pins [jewelry], pins [jewelry], timepieces, watch bands, watch straps of metal, leather or plastic, chronographs, chronometers, watches, watches featuring telecommunication functions, watches containing an electronic game function, chimney clocks, watches [wrist and pocket], table clocks, watches and their parts, timepiece products, sports timekeeping systems, alarm clocks, electric alarm clocks, electronic alarm clocks, pendulum clocks, party decorations [statuettes] of precious metal, other than tree ornaments, ornaments, made or coated with precious or semi-precious metals or stones, or imitations thereof, statues and figurines, made or plated with precious or semi-precious metals or stones, or imitations thereof, scale models [ornaments] of precious metal, ornamental sculptures of precious metal, statues of precious metals and their alloys, desktop figurines of precious metal, figurines of semi-precious metals, 3D wall decoration of precious metal, adhesive wall decorations of precious metals, decorative hat pins, memorial plaques of precious metals, tattoos representing fantasy characters [decorative] of precious metal, jewelry holders and watches, chests, watch cases, jewelry cases, coins, collectible coins, works of art of precious metals, ornamental key rings of precious metals, ornamental key rings of precious metals, key rings of precious metals, key pendants [pendants or keyrings], key rings, key rings [split rings with trinket or decorative fob], key rings, not of metal, precious metals and their alloys, jewelry, paste jewelry, precious and semi-precious stones, watches and chronometric instruments, paintings [pictures] framed or unframed, drawings, lithographs, engravings and their reproductions, lithographic works of art, paintings [pictures], paintings, framed or unframed, ornamental sculptures made of papier mâché, art prints, statuettes of paper, statuettes of cardboard, graphic prints and statuettes of paper and cardboard, and plastic architects' models, printed transfers for embroidery applications and fabric, handkerchiefs, pencils, artists' materials, pencils, copybooks, rulers, canvas prints, drawing instruments, mounting brackets for photos, gift sets made of paper, containers of paper, boxes of cardboard, covers [stationery], bags [envelopes, sachets, handbags] for packaging of paper or plastic, display stands of cardboard, boxes of paper or cardboard, pocket agendas, agendas, sketchbooks, gift wrapping paper, stationery articles, office requisites, cases, being stationery articles, stickers, greeting cards, gift cards, drawing pads, notepads, wall calendars, table calendars, writing paper, document folders [stationery], binders, clips for pens, covers for agendas, carrying cases adapted to contain collection stickers, adhesive labels, paperweights, commemorative stamps [stamps], school supplies, badge holders [office requisites], document holders, desk top organizers, photo folders and collectors' binders [photo albums], bookmarks, nail stencils, paper knives [office requisites], desk mats, pencil sharpeners, vignettes, stamps, accessories for pencils, markers, colored pencils, pens, pen and pencil holders, writing sets, writing instruments, rubber erasers, memory albums [photograph albums], scrapbook albums, bumper stickers, car stickers, ornamental stickers for helmets, stickers, coloring books, almanacs, printed stationery, gift cards, brochures, sketches, calendar, question and answer game cards, collectible trading cards, prepaid purchase cards, non-magnetically encoded, postcards and picture postcards, catalogs, passport cases, transfers [decalcomanias], three-dimensional decalcomanias for all surfaces, adhesive stickers for collectors, framed and/or unframed photographs, comic strip books, newspaper comic strips [printed materials], comic strip papers, advertisement boards of paper or cardboard, books, booklets relating to games, instruction manuals relating to video game strategies, advertising posters, framed posters, instruction manuals for computer games, printed promotional material, brochures, periodicals [magazines], checkbook holders, paper posters, promotional publications, comic strip stories, graphic art reproductions, game and gaming magazines, prospectuses, picture books, novels, money clips, paper table linen, paper handkerchiefs, paper garlands, paper pennants, paper tablecloths, paper napkins, stationery cases [office requisites], paper and cardboard, printed matter, bookbinding material, photographs, stationery and office requisites, except furniture, adhesives [glues] for stationery or for household articles, artists' materials and drawing materials, paint brushes, instructional or teaching material, plastic sheets, films and bags for packaging, fonts, printing blocks, suitcases, bags, wallets and portable boxes of leather, luggage, toiletry bags, leather keys, key cases [leatherware], cosmetic bags sold empty, beauty cases, trunks and non-fitted suitcases, bags, shoulder bags, carrier bags, general purpose bags, bags for sports, coin purses, coin purses for men, handbags, document cases, school satchels, business card holders in the nature of wallets, containers in the nature of key cases, travel cases for clothing, document cases, luggage tags of leather, waist bags, business card holders, credit-card holders, document cases [leatherware], wallets, coin purses not of precious metals, coin purses of precious metal, randsels [Japanese school satchels], bags, travelling sets, trolley cases [trolley suitcases], make-up bags, valises, rucksacks, rucksacks with wheels, school rucksacks, rucksacks, cross-body bags, sports rucksacks, boxes of leather or leatherboard, leather and imitations thereof, animal skins, luggage and carrying bags, umbrellas and parasols, walking sticks, whips, harnesses and saddlery, collars, leashes and clothing for animals, handbags, clothing for men, women and children, ceremonial clothing, leisure clothing, clothing of leather, clothing of artificial leather, waterproof clothing, weather resistant outer clothing, sports clothes, clothing for gymnastics, beach clothes, underwear, work clothes, ready-made clothing, dresses, jackets, suit jackets, anoraks, blousons, overcoats, cloaks, coats, skirts, trousers, capri pants, shorts, jumper suits, leggings, tights, shorts, jeans, denim clothing, knitted textiles, knitwear, shirt articles, shirts, blouses, tops, turtlenecks, underwear shirts, jumpers, sportswear, T-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, waistcoats, tracksuits [clothing], sports outfits, sports clothes, beach clothes, tank tops, Bermuda shorts, bathing suits, bathing suits, two-piece swimsuits, sarongs, blankets, dressing gowns, bath robes, nightwear, pajamas, underwear, lingerie, petticoats, boxer shorts, brassieres, knickers, briefs, underpants, socks, stockings, tights, theatrical, masquerade costumes, carnival costumes, Halloween costumes, baby layettes [clothing], aprons, neckties, ascot ties, bow ties, neckties, scarves, kerchiefs [clothing], pocket handkerchiefs [clothing], bandanas, eye masks, sleep masks, belts [clothing], leather belts [clothing], textile belts [clothing], wallet belts [clothing], braces for clothing [suspenders], gloves, including of leather, leather or fur, hats, caps, caps being headwear, balaclavas, footwear, boots, elegant footwear, tennis footwear, sneakers, sports footwear, leisure footwear, beach footwear, flip-flops, sandals, slippers, slippers, articles of clothing, footwear, headwear; all the aforementioned services being of European origin.


Organisation n/a
Legal status SA
Country CH - Switzerland
State/county n/a
Town n/a
Post code n/a
Address Corso Elvezia 16 CH-6900 Lugano
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Filing numberSubjectDate
1632396MSU02 — Information to proprietors of earlier trade mark registrations or applications (Article 43(7) EUTMR)12/10/2023
1632396New name29/06/2023
1632396WIPO attachments09/12/2021
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