1338364 025 - Clothing IR accepted

Classification Information

  • 9 Cases for smartphones; cell phone straps; telecommunication devices and apparatus; mobile phone neck straps; mobile phone cases; mobile phone accessories; loudspeakers; cabinets for loudspeakers; battery chargers for use with telephones; headphones; earphones; telephone apparatus; intercoms; mobile phones; antennas; audio- and video-receivers; camcorders; electric capacitors for telecommunication apparatus; compact disc players; digital cameras; digital photo frames; DVD players; electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of signals; electronic notice boards; facsimile machines; Global Positioning System (GPS) apparatus; hands free kits for phones; high-frequency apparatus; intercommunication apparatus; musical juke boxes; microphones; electric monitoring apparatus; navigation apparatus for vehicles (on-board computers); optical data media; personal stereos; portable media players; radar apparatus; radio pagers; radios; record players; remote control apparatus; satellite navigational apparatus; smartphones; sound and image recording apparatus; sound recording carriers; sound reproduction apparatus; sound transmitting apparatus; television apparatus; transmitters of electronic signals; vehicle radios; video recorders; telecommunication machines and devices for use in assisting in improving safety of car driving; audio equipment; car stereos; car televisions; in-car telephone handset cradles; protective cases for personal digital assistants; computer mouse; computer operating programs, recorded; computer programs, recorded; computer programs, downloadable; personal computers; personal computers for vehicles; tablet computers; computers for use in remote monitoring of fuel cell power generators using communication networks; carrying cases adapted for computers; covers and cases for mobile telephones; covers and cases for tablet computers and notebook computers; computer programs for mobile phones; computer programs for fuel saving drive diagnosis devices; blank USB flash drives; computer keyboards; apparatus and installations for the production of X-rays, not for medical purposes; bar code readers; central processing units; integrated circuits; computer memory devices; computer peripheral devices; computer software applications, downloadable; computer software, recorded; data processing apparatus; disks, magnetic; electronic agendas; electronic book readers; electronic pocket translators; electronic tags for goods; integrated circuit cards; interfaces for computers; lasers, not for medical purposes; light-emitting diodes (LED); magnetic data media; marine depth finders; metal detectors for industrial or military purposes; microprocessors; mouse pads; optical character readers; printed circuit boards; printed circuits; printers for use with computers; protection devices against X-rays, not for medical purposes; sonars; electronic components; electronic memory devices; electronic control apparatus and instruments for vehicles; electronic display units for vehicles; electronic cruise control apparatus; computer hardware and software; navigation computers for cars; electric safety monitoring apparatus; vehicle safety apparatus in the nature of an on-board vehicular video surveillance systems; motor vehicle adaptive cruise control devices; electronic controllers for motor vehicle braking; motor vehicle cameras and sensors for detecting road lane markers, pedestrians, objects outside of the vehicle, and relative distance thereof from a vehicle; lane departure warning alarm systems for motor vehicles; electronic motor vehicle steering systems for assisting vehicles to stay on course near the center of a lane; front collision warning alarm systems for motor vehicles; motor vehicle lighting systems to automatically activate and deactivate high beam headlights upon sensing oncoming vehicle; eyeglasses; goggles for sports; sunglasses; eyeglass cases; eyeglass chains; eyeglass cords; eyeglass frames; contact lenses; containers for contact lenses; spectacle lenses; protective helmets for automobile races; downloadable image files; pre-recorded video discs; pre-recorded videos; exposed cinematographic films; exposed slide films; slide film mounts; downloadable electronic publications.
  • 12 Driving motors for land vehicles; engine mounts for land vehicles; engines for land vehicles; jet engines for land vehicles; motors for land vehicles; propulsion mechanisms for land vehicles; turbines for land vehicles; axle bearings for land vehicles; axles for land vehicles; axle journals; axles for vehicles; cardan shafts for vehicles; universal joints for land vehicles; wheel bearings for land vehicles; automobile chains; connecting rods for land vehicles, other than parts of motors and engines; gear boxes for land vehicles; gearing for land vehicles; hydraulic circuits for vehicles; reduction gears for land vehicles; torque converters for land vehicles; transmission chains for land vehicles; transmission shafts for land vehicles; transmissions for land vehicles; power transmission belts for land vehicles; shock absorbers for automobiles; shock absorbing springs for vehicles; suspension shock absorbers for vehicles; torsion bars for vehicles; vehicle suspension springs; brake discs for vehicles; brake linings for vehicles; brake pads for automobiles; brake segments for vehicles; brake shoes for vehicles; brakes for vehicles; boats and ships; structural parts for boats; structural parts for ships; aircraft; structural parts for aircraft; electrically powered motor vehicles; electric tricycles; buses; trucks; ambulances; racing cars; amphibious vehicles; snowmobiles; armored vehicles; fork lift trucks; camping cars; tractors; trailers; trolley buses; hearses; automobiles and structural parts therefor; structural parts for buses; structural parts for trucks; automobile bodies; automobile bonnets; automobile bumpers; automobile chassis; automobile dashboards; automobile doors; automobile door handles; automobile hoods; automobile horns; automobile seats; automobile seat covers; automobile sunroofs; automobile tires; automobile wheels; spokes for automobile wheels; inner tubes for automobile tires; automobile wheel rims; rearview mirrors for automobiles; automobile windows; automobile windscreens; automobile windshields; automobile convertible tops; safety belts for automobile seats; safety harnesses for automobile racing; safety harnesses for automobile seats; security harness for automobile seats; steering wheels for automobiles; steering wheel covers for automobiles; air bags for automobiles, buses and trucks; safety belts for automobile seats; seat belt pre-tensioners for automobiles; brake pedals for land vehicles; direction signals for automobiles; leather upholstery for automobile seats; leather upholstery for automobiles; cigar lighters for automobiles; shaped automobile covers; mudguards for automobiles; luggage carriers for automobiles; spare wheel holders for automobiles; automobile roof racks; headlight wipers; windscreen wipers; windscreen wiper blades; motor vehicle brake control systems for applying emergency braking at low vehicle speeds; electronic brake control apparatus for automobiles; two-wheeled motor vehicles; bicycles; structural parts for motorcycles; structural parts for bicycles.
  • 14 Key rings; jewelry cases of precious metal; trophies of precious metal; commemorative shields; pin badges; ornaments of precious metal; bracelets (jewelry); brooches (jewelry); necklaces (jewelry); pendants (jewelry); tie pins; badges of precious metal; charms (jewelry); cufflinks; shoe ornaments of precious metal; clocks; watches; horological and chronometric instruments and cases therefor; horological and chronometric instruments and parts thereof.
  • 16 Paper gift bags for wine; bags of paper for packaging; boxes of cardboard or paper; bags of plastics, for packaging; paper; cardboard; stickers; cards; pocket memorandum books; paper notebooks; writing instruments; erasers; seals (stationery); bookmarkers; underlays for writing paper; rulers for stationery and office use; pouches for writing instruments; writing cases; drawing pads; memo blocks; stationery-type portfolios; file folders; terrestrial globes; paper bows for gift wrap; stationery; picture postcards; catalogs; calendars; magazines; books; pamphlets; newsletters; printed matter; photographs; photograph stands; plastic shopping bags.
  • 18 Handbag frames; purse frames; horseshoes, not of metal; bags of leather, for packaging; boxes of leather or leather board; envelopes, of leather, for packaging; pouches, of leather, for packaging; leads for pets; collars for pets; clothing for pets; holders for vehicle inspection certificate; card cases; credit card cases of leather; purses; wallets; pocket wallets; coin purses, not of precious metal; suitcases; handbags; rucksacks; key cases; business card cases; bags; drawstring pouches; briefcases; wheeled shopping bags; attache cases; shopping bags; bags for sports; small backpacks; school satchels; travelling bags; tote bags; travelling cases of leather; luggage tags of leather; vanity cases, not fitted; umbrellas; walking sticks; canes; metal parts of canes and walking-sticks; handles for canes and walking-sticks.
  • 20 Cushions; Japanese floor cushions (zabuton); pillows; mattresses; fans for personal use, non-electric; beds for household pets; dog kennels; nesting boxes for small birds; tool boxes, not of metal; wind chimes; inflatable publicity objects; upright signboards of wood or plastics.
  • 21 Electric toothbrushes; powder compacts of precious metal sold empty; cosmetic utensils; toilet utensils; cups; mugs; dishes; beer jugs; beer mugs; servingware [dishes] for serving food; servingware [vessels] for serving beverages; beer mugs; liqueur sets; lunch boxes; pitchers; salad bowls; saucers; services (dishes); table plates; teapots; glass beverageware; tea canisters; tumblers for use as drinking glasses; drinking glasses; flower pots; hydroponic plant pots for home gardening; watering cans; piggy banks; vases; holders for flowers and plants; brushes for footwear; shoe horns; shoe shine cloths; shoe shine sponges and cloths; shoe-trees.
  • 24 Towels of textile; Japanese cotton towels (tenugui); handkerchiefs of textile; woven textile goods for personal use; mosquito nets; bed sheets; comforters; quilts; duvet covers; pillowcases; bed blankets; table napkins of textile; glass cloths; shower curtains of textile or plastic; banners, not of paper; flags, not of paper; seat covers of textile; wall hangings of textile; curtains; tablecloths, not of paper; draperies.
  • 25 Camisoles; T-shirts; clothing; coats; sweaters; cardigans; vests; waistcoats; shirts; cuffs; sport shirts; dresses; skirts; blouses; polo shirts; shirts for suits; sweatshirts; trousers; wind-resistant jackets; jerseys; nightwear; underwear; swimsuits; swimming caps (bathing caps); traditional Japanese clothing; sleep masks; aprons; collar protectors for wear; socks; stockings other than special sportswear; puttees and gaiters; fur stoles; shawls; scarves; Japanese style socks (tabi); Japanese style socks covers (tabi covers); gloves (clothing); neckties; neckerchiefs; bandanas; mufflers; ear muffs; sleep masks; nightcaps; headgear for wear; caps (headwear); hats; visors; garters; sock suspenders; braces for clothing; waistbands; belts for clothing; footwear (other than "shoe dowels, shoe pegs, tongue or pullstrap for shoes and boots, hobnails, protective metal members for shoes and boots"); driving shoes other than special shoes for sports; sandals; slippers; mules.
  • 28 Toys for domestic pets; home video game machines; hand-held games with liquid crystal displays; toys; stuffed toys; toy vehicles; teddy bears; dolls; go games; Japanese playing cards (utagaruta); Japanese chess (shogi games); dice; Japanese dice games (sugoroku); dice cups; Chinese checkers games; chess games; checkers games; conjuring apparatus; dominoes; playing cards; Japanese playing cards (hanafuda); mah-jong; slot machines; game machines and apparatus; billiard equipment; sports equipment, other than for climbing, surfing, water-skiing and scuba diving; golf equipment; golf balls; golf ball markers; golf gloves; golf clubs; golf club heads; fitted head covers for golf clubs; golf bags, with or without wheels; tennis implements; tennis rackets; tennis balls; fishing tackle; butterfly nets.
  • 41 Vehicle-driving instruction; driver safety training; educational and instruction services; educational and instruction services relating to arts and crafts; educational and instruction services relating to sport; educational and instruction services relating to music and dance; educational and training services relating to games; educational services provided by schools; provision of educational examinations and tests; provision of educational information; arranging, conducting and organization of seminars; providing electronic publications from a global computer network or the Internet, not downloadable; reference libraries of literature and documentary records; book rental; organization of sports events and competitions; organization of professional golf tournaments or competitions; organization, arranging and conducting of soccer games; organization, arranging and conducting of sumo wrestling competitions; organization, arranging and conducting of boxing matches; organization, arranging and conducting of baseball games; organization of entertainment events excluding movies, shows, plays, musical performances, sports, horse races, bicycle races, boat races and auto races; arranging award ceremonies and gala evenings for entertainment purposes; conducting of live entertainment events and film festivals; conducting of film festivals; organization, arranging and conducting of auto races; providing amusement facilities.
  • 43 Providing temporary accommodation; providing food and drink; bar services; cafe, cafeteria and restaurant services; rental of conference rooms; rental of facilities for exhibitions.


Organisation n/a
Legal status Corporation
Country JP - Japan
State/county n/a
Town n/a
Post code n/a
Address 1, Toyota-cho, Toyota-shi Aichi-ken 471-8571
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Filing numberSubjectDate
1338364MSU02 — Information to proprietors of earlier trade mark registrations or applications (Article 43(7) EUTMR)16/01/2019
1338364WIPO attachments03/08/2018
1338364WIPO attachments09/11/2017
1338364WIPO attachments08/09/2017
1338364WIPO attachments11/04/2017
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