1667060 025 - Clothing IR accepted

Classification Information

  • 17 Insulation and barrier articles and materials; thermal insulation articles and materials; fire resistant and fire preventive articles and materials; insulating fabrics; insulating matting; insulating foils; foam insulating and barrier materials; quilted textile articles for insulation; padding fillers and padding materials of rubber or plastic; foams for thermal insulation, not included in other classes; quilted blankets for insulating; insulating mats for sleeping bags; sleeping bag pads in the form of insulating mats; insulation mats for bivy bags.
  • 24 Bedclothes; sheets; upholstery covers; duvet covers; covers for water beds; covers for water-filled cushions; bed blankets; counterpanes; quilts; quilts filled with feathers; quilts filled with down; quilts filled with semi-down; quilts filled with textile materials; mattress covers; pads for sleeping bags and bivy bags, not included in other classes; coverings for furniture; sleeping bags; bivouac sacks being covers for sleeping bags; covers and coverings for sleeping bags and bivy bags, not included in other classes; blankets; sleeping bag pads in the form of blankets; duvets; mattress protectors (mattress protective covers).
  • 25 Clothing; socks; underwear; pants; undershirts; tops; t-shirts; shirts; blouses; trousers; jackets [clothing]; uniforms; gloves [clothing]; headgear; footwear; outdoor shoes; sports shoes; mountaineering boots; hunting shoes; ski boots; snowboard boots; summer and winter shoes for women, men, children and babies.


Organisation n/a
Legal status Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
Country AT - Austria
State/county n/a
Town n/a
Post code n/a
Address Seebacherstraße 11-13 A-9871 Seeboden
Correspondence address BEER & PARTNER PATENTANWÄLTE KGLindengasse 81070 WienAUSTRIA


Filing numberSubjectDate
1667060Application form and attachment04/12/2023
1667060WIPO attachments20/04/2023
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